Juki MCS1800

Coverstitch & Chainstitch
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A dedicated coverstitch and chainstitch machine to work alongside your overlocker.

Coverstitching provides a reinfoced and flat finish to t-shirt and sleeve hems while the chainstitch creates a straight stitch, ideal for using on stretch fabrics.

Main Features:

Cover stitching with two different needle widths
Two cover stitch widths of 5 mm and 2.5 mm can be

Differential feed adjustment
With the differential feed, it is possible to sew beautiful
stitches even with stretchy fabrics such as knit fabrics
and georgette.

Easy looper threading knob
Pushing the knob will lower the looper, making it very
easy to thread.

Presser foot with a guide
Because both the right and left sides have a
compensating foot structure, it is possible to sew folded
fabric edges, such as when attaching a rib knit, while
guiding the edge.

Lifting the tip of the presser foot
The lever to raise the tip of the presser foot can raise the
tip by 8 mm with one step up and 10 mm with another
step up. In addition, because the tip of the presser foot
can be raised further when raised two steps, it is
possible to properly insert the edge of the fabric under
the presser foot at the start—even when sewing thick

4 thread coverstitch
3 thread coverstitch (wide)
3 thread coverstitch (narrow)