Brother PE Design Plus 2

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This Software has the same look and feel as Brothers Professional Embroidery Software Brother PE Design Next, this PE Design PLUS 2 version is packed full of quick and easy access features, like Image-to-stitch, photo-stitch, resizing without changing stitch density, 35 built-in fonts and you can save designs to use in most other sewing machine brands. If you want to get into embroidery and use your creative flair to add your own designs to projects then PE Design Plus is the product for you.

PE design Plus 2 is compatible with a huge number of embroidery machine formats, you can take your family photos and turn them into thread art instantly.

Advanced, user-friendly graphical interface makes using PE Design Plus as intuitive as using most popular computer-based programs:

Quickly identify program functions with intuitive icons, Customize favourite operations on the toolbar, Watch it sew on screen with the sewing simulator
Edit your embroidery while viewing a realistic image of it.
Enjoy these exceptional design and editing features:
Design library, with various designs and shapes including Rectangle, Circle, Heart and Star
Automatically convert an photo into embroidery with the PhotoStitch
Auto-Punch will automatilly convert a image into an embroidery
Cross Stitch functions
Design stitch count is automatically recalculated when your design is resized
Scale, Rotate, Flip designs
Create custom hoop sizes - perfect for most brands of embroidery machines
Organize stitch files
35 fonts included
Print out your design templates

Download embroidery designs form the Internet in any one of the most popular embroidery machine formats, edit and add lettering until its just the way you want. Using the included card read/writer and blank memory card, pop the blank card into read/writer attached to your computer and save your new design in Brother embroidery machine format .pes (or Singer .xxx, Husqvarna .hus/.shv, Janome .jef/.sew, Pfaff .vip/.pcs, Bernina .pes and other universal formats dst , exp, csd)

When you ready pop the card into any one of the Brother embroidery machines and stitch away. Or if your machine has a USB connection, simply save the newly created design onto a memory stick and insert it into the machine. You don’t need to have the machine and the computer in the same room.


Compatible with all Brother Embroidery Machines.

USB Card Read Writer - Easy to attach and requires no power adaptor, draws its power from the PC.

4Mb Memory Card - Space for the designs you have created to be saved onto the card.

35 Built in Fonts - Enables you to add lettering to your project from one of the built-in fonts. Fonts can be scaled to the desired size.

Text Transformations - Transform text into the shape you require. Can be sewn filled or just the outline of the text can be sewn.

Stitch Styles - Create designs and apply the stitch style you require to any area of the design.

Combine Designs - import many different design and text, even curve lettering all in one hoop.

Region Sewing Styles - Choose from satin and fill stitch to customize your design.

Realistic Preview and Print Function - Preview or print your design to show exactly how your design will be sewn, showing stitch directions and any programmable fill stitches applied.

Stitch Simulator - like a video it shows how the design will be sewn out on screen before you start stitching.

Embroidery Hoop Selection - Enables your to set the size of the hoop you are embroidering. (Supports large Embroidery Design sizes)

File Image Import Formats - Enables you to convert images from a range of popular used image formats .bmp, .tif, .jpg, .pcx, .wmf, .eps amoung others.

Import and Export Embroidery Designs in Formats - .pes, .dst, .exp, .pcs, .hus, .vip, .shv, .jef, .sew, .csd, and .xxx.

Automatic Punching Wizard - Makes opening and creating stitch data simple, quickly converts PC graphic files to embroidery data.

Photo-Stitch - Turn your favorite photo into an Embroidery Design.

Sewing Order - Easily change the sewing order by dragging and dropping the colour areas into position.

What’s in the Box:
PE Design Plus Digitizing Software CD
USB Card Read/Writer
4Mb Re-Writable Memory Card
Printed Instruction Book

We say: This system can be purchased at a reduced price when added to a Brother Embroidery Machine Purchase. Just add it to your 'options'.