Brother Innov'is 800E

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The fabulous Brother Innovis 800E embroidery machine fits perfectly between the smaller 750 and the much larger V3 and includes a full colour, hi-resolution screen and generous 6" x 10" (160 x 260mm) embroidery area .
As with all Brother models the NV800E is adorably easy to use with quiet operation and gorgeous stitch quality.

When it comes to searching for designs, the colour screen is sharp and the USB connection is fast. Any designs that are stored on your flash drive/memory stick will be imported very quickly.

It's much easier to combine separate designs and lettering on screen and embroider them as one single design than it is to try and position them on the fabric as individual parts as you would with the NV750. The small but fully functional screen on the NV800E even lets you curve text and save your finished design back to USB media for using again if needed.

You'll appreciate the excellent LED lighting underneath the harp area which illuminates your fabric.

Supplied with 138 built-in designs and 11 fonts for personalising your creations this is a serious embroidery machine at an incredibly attractive price.

We say: If you are considering buying Brother PE Design 'Plus' or '10' software you can order it at a reduced price if added to this machine! For a breakdown of what's available in the packages please read through the product specifications on our Brother page.