Bernina S-590 e

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Available with or without an embroidery unit
The multi-talent for sewing, embroidering and quilting.
Built-in BERNINA Dual Feed function
Spacious throat space and lighting
High-resolution, modern touchscreen
Versatile memory function
Large stitch package and a wealth of built-in embroidery designs
Built-in embroidery function
Whatever you wish to sew or embellish, the BERNINA 590 puts a wide range of stitches at your disposal. With a generous selection of stitches to choose – and all stitches can be sewn up to a width of 9 mm, which is particularly attractive for embellishment. In addition, 7 alphabets for sewing and 7 alphabets for embroidery are at your fingertips. What’s more, the embroidery designs can be accessed in a separate embroidery mode and adapted on the touchscreen: rotating, mirroring, sizing up or down or altering the stitch pattern are quickly accomplished, thanks to the 590’s intuitive operation. Using the memory function, it’s a cinch to permanently save your customized stitches and embroidery designs.

The BERNINA 590 is factory-equipped with an embroidery function and comes with the embroidery module as standard. With embroidery designs already built into the BERNINA 590’s software, you’ll have immediate access to a wide range of attractive designs for ambitious embroidery projects, which you can easily and quickly select via the touchscreen.

Automatic features save time

No manual thread cutting
Press a button to lift the foot
Press a button to cut your thread
The automatic thread cutter operates three steps in one; cuts the thread, lifts the needle and raises the presser foot.

Perfection is the new standard

Manage thread cuts with ease
No manual trimming on top side
Achieve perfect embroidery results
The thread away mode pulls the threads down to the underside for clean embroidery results on the top.

Sew quieter, faster, longer, better

Achieve perfect stitches fast & quietly
Sew longer with the jumbo bobbin
Frontload the bobbin with new thread
The Bernina Hook keeps the stitches consistent and precise with a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.

Easy design positioning

Position your design easily and exactly
No need to use the template anymore
Perfect results in short times
Use pinpoint placement to position your design precisely; select two points and match them with the markings on the hooped fabric.

Enjoy full comfort & perfect results

Large easy to navigate touch screen
One click to switch to embroidery mode
On-screen support when needed
The sewing and embroidery consultants offer direct on-screen support and answer your questions whenever you need them.

Sew chiffon & leather like a pro

Handle all kinds of materials with ease
Superb fabric feed on top and bottom
Excellent for slippery or fine materials
The innovative Bernina Dual Feed feeds the fabric evenly from above and below. It is easy to engage and tucks away when not in use.

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