Bernina 530

bernina 530
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Introducing the new Bernina 530 sewing machine, the entry level model of the new Bernina 5 Series range of sewing machine. The new Bernina 530 will wow you with its simple, classic design. Whether you are sewing or quilting, modern aesthetics plus cutting edge technology are an integral part of the package with the Bernina 5 Series. The classic Bernina CB shuttle system provides the highest quality of stitching.

Specification of the Bernina 530

•148 Stitches
•105 decorative stitches
•12 quilting stitches
•22 practical stitches
•4 alphabets
•7 buttonholes, 1 eyelet
•1 darning program

General Features of the Bernina 530

LCD Screen

Everything you need to know to sew is on the screen and at your fingertips, including recommended presser foot, stitch length & width settings and needle position.

One Touch System & Navigation

Basic stitches are easily accessed through one touch of a button. Select additional stitch options by entering sttitch number on the keypad or using the easy-touch navigation keys.

LED Sewing Lights

12 long lasting luminous LED lights fully illuminate around the sewing area.

Powerful DC Motor

Provides consistent stitching on multiple layers & heavy fabrics. No stalling!

Hook System

Bernina patented CB hook system ensures perfectly balanced stitches

Start/Stop and Slide Speed Control

As an alternative to the traditional foot control, power the machine using the Start/Stop button. Regulate both sewing speed & bobbin winding speed with the slide speed control.

Separate winder motor

The Bernina 530's new separate bobbin winder is practical and incredibly user-friendly, enabling you to fill empty bobbins without interrupting sewing, embroidery or quilting operations.

Half-Automatic Needle Threader

Simplifies the threading process by pulling the thread through the eye of the needles

Sewing Machine Features of the Bernina 530

BSR - BERNINA Stitch Regulator (Optional)

The BERNINA Stitch Regulator is a true world first. The presser foot with the three different soles guarantees a more even stitch length with variable sewing speeds, making freehand quilting fantastically simple. See our video demostrating BSR on the video tutorials page.

Extension Table

With the extension table the Bernina 530 offers another useful accessory to create a larger working area. The table is easily attached to the freearm.

Creative Consultant

Quickly access on-screen advice for successful sewing on knits and wovens

Maximum Sewing Speed

900 stitches per minute

5.0mm Maximum Stitch Length

Variable length provides a smooth transaction from length to length, adjustable while sewing

5.5mm Maximum Stitch Width

Adjustable width accomodates various thread & fabric types; can adjust as you sew.

11 Needle Positions

Enables very precise sewing; sew most patterns in any needle position

Temporarily Altered Stitch Memory

Remembers all your personalized stitch settings when you switch to another pattern and back during a sewing session.

Saved Single Stitch Settings

Customise your machine with your personal stitch settniogs when you switch to another pattern and back during a sewing session.

One Combi-mode Memory

100 Spaces to compose and stitch creative lettering and/or decorative stitch combinations.

Securing Function

Automatically secures a single pattern or combination by adding on the spot stitches at the start and finish.

Pattern Begin

Start the beginning of any pattern or sequence, wherever you stopped.

Pattern End

No more half finished patterns; machine stops after pattern is complete.

Pattern Repeat

Set the stitch or combination to sew complete motifs 1-9 times.

Mirror Image

Sew the mirror image of a stitch pattern both horizontally and vertically.

Presser foot pressure display

The Bernina 530 also supports on-screen display of the presser foot pressure. You can adjust the pressure individually for every type of fabric. The current setting is always displayed on screen.

Long Term Buttonhole Memory

Buttonhole length and width may be saved for future retrieval, even after the machine is turned off. Includes a stitch counter buttonhole for buttonholes longer than the automatic foot offers.

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