86/86V Ruffler

86/86V Ruffler
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86/86V Ruffler Foot*

A flexible tool for all your gathering and pleating needs.
For sewing small pleats and gathering on a single layer of fabric, as well as pleated ruffles to a professional standard.
The ruffler is adjustable and becomes indispensable when the amount of gathering needs to be controlled exactly.
You can control both the depth of each pleat and the distance between pleats.
It is particularly useful when long rows of gathering are required such as in Home Dec projects
You can gather or pleat a single layer of fabric while attaching it to a straight, ungathered layer in one operation.
Recommended for light to medium weight fabrics.

*The Ruffler Attachment comes with Low Shank Adapter #75
**Please specify the model number in your online order form in the 'comments' section as well as in the drop down menu so we can be sure to order the correct fitting for your machine.