05/05V Blindstitch Foot

Blindstitch foot 5
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Sew professional blind hems by machine for a stronger, more even hem.
This foot was designed specifically for the stitching of a turned hem
The foot has a black or silver metal blade which guides and keeps the folded edge of the fabric in the right position for stitching, allowing the needle to penetrate the fold, taking tiny stitches
The blade extends from the front to the back of the stitching point, creating a slightly loose stitch as the machine zigzags over the blade to "bite" into the fold. The blind hem will not pucker and the stitching will not create tucks in the fabric.

The blindstitch can be adjusted by varying the width of the stitch, which promotes greater precision (than an adjustable guide)

This foot can also be used for edgestitching along straight edges with limited needle positions. The use of foot #10 or #10C is recommended for most edgestitching, especially along curved edges and on finer fabrics.

We say: See our blind hemming demonstration on the the video tutorials page