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Brother Innov-is F440EBrother Innov-is F440E£899.00
Brother Innov'is F480Brother Innov'is F480
Free PE-Design Plus 2
worth £349-99
Until 31st January 2019
Brother M280DBrother M280D£899.00
Brother Innov'is 800EBrother Innov'is 800E£1,299.00
Brother Innov'is 1100Brother Innov'is 1100£749.00
Brother Innov'is 1300Brother Innov'is 1300£899.00
Brother Innov'is 1800QBrother Innov'is 1800Q£1,299.00
Brother Innov'is 2600Brother Innov'is 2600£1,999.00
Brother Innov'is VQ2Brother Innov'is VQ2
Free Wide Table + Mettler
96-piece silk finish
quilting thread pack
Brother Innov'is V3Brother Innov'is V3£1,999.00
Brother Innov'is V5Brother Innov'is V5£2,999.00
Brother Innov'is V7Brother Innov'is V7£4,499.00