Bernina Feet

Bernina FeetIf you can't see what you're looking for try 'Bernina Accessories' or call 0800 6335541
63/63V Hemmer Foot ZigZag 3mm63/63V Hemmer Foot ZigZag 3mm£35.00
64/64V Hemmer Foot Straight Stitch64/64V Hemmer Foot Straight Stitch£35.00
66/66V Hemmer Foot ZigZag 6mm66/66V Hemmer Foot ZigZag 6mm£35.00
68/68V Roll and Shell Hemmer 2mm68/68V Roll and Shell Hemmer 2mm£35.00
69/69V Roll and Shell Hemmer 4mm69/69V Roll and Shell Hemmer 4mm£35.00
70/70V Lap Seam Foot 4mm70/70V Lap Seam Foot 4mm£32.50
71/71V Lap Seam Foot71/71V Lap Seam Foot£32.50
75/75V Adaptor (Standard)75/75V Adaptor (Standard)£20.00
77/77V Adaptor (Short)77/77V Adaptor (Short)£20.00
86/86V Ruffler86/86V Ruffler£80.00
87/87V Bias Binder Attachment87/87V Bias Binder Attachment£150.00
88/88V Bias Binder Attachment88/88V Bias Binder Attachment£175.00